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The UG-1 Structural Ceiling System has been installed in over 400,000 s/f of cleanroom space. Architects have found that by using UG-1, room layout can be defined and re-defined during the construction process without adding cost to the project.

When you choose UG-1, you can reap the benefits of total flexibility while planning your space and equipment layout.

Keep in mind that this ceiling system was built to support a live load above, and a hangingload below-simultaneously.

The UG-1 Structural Ceiling System was designed by contractors who build cleanrooms. As a result, UG-1 has been engineered to incorporate all of the elements necessary for a "Class 1 Ceiling System." Speed, efficiency, flexibility and engineered solutions and competitive pricing have all been built in. UG-1 is compatible with filters, lights and blank panels from most vendors.


- 12 foot mains are pre-assembled with the threaded rod, turnbuckle, crossovers and splice on the main and ready to attach to your primary hang.

- 4 foot cross tee are notched for strength which also allows for incredible efficiency in installation. When the mains are installed, the 4 foot tees can be placed and squared in less than a minute.

- 12 foot mains and 4 foot cross tees are double shrink-wrapped on cleanroom carts at the factory. This allows for the carts to be rolled onto the wipedown room where the shrink-wrap is removed and the wheels are taped before being moved into the area where the ceiling system is being installed.

UG-1 was designed by engineers who recognized the importance of creating a strong but flexible ceiling system.

The fast track construction process used to build semiconductor fab's requires a flexible ceiling system as a result of the constant defining and re-working of layouts.

One of the unique features of the UG-1 Ceiling System is its patented tee-slot and associated structural capabilities. The tee slot allows for the secure attachment of partitions, mini-environments, process piping and robotic tracks with clips that will not damage the grid face.

The structural capability of the grid system not only allows for hang loads, but also lends 100% accessibility to the area directly above the cleanroom ceiling. As a result, any necessary changes to ductwork or related services are easily attended to since maintenance personnel are able to work from above the ceiling instead of having to work through the grid from below.

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