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UG-1 was designed by engineers who recognized the importance of creating a strong but flexible ceiling system.

The fast track construction process used to build semiconductor fab's requires a flexible ceiling system as a result of the constant defining and re-working of layouts.

One of the unique features of the UG-1 Ceiling System is its patented tee-slot and associated structural capabilities. The tee slot allows for the secure attachment of partitions, mini-environments, process piping and robotic tracks with clips that will not damage the grid face.

The structural capability of the grid system not only allows for hang loads, but also lends 100% accessibility to the area directly above the cleanroom ceiling. As a result, any necessary changes to ductwork or related services are easily attended to since maintenance personnel are able to work from above the ceiling instead of having to work through the grid from below.

UG-1 Structural Ceiling System Features:
Above the ceiling grid allows for:

- Plenum separation
- Multiple clamping components for filters, lights, and blank panels engineered to ensure proper sealing and gasket compression.

Below the ceiling components allow for:

- The use of utility clips for heavy hanging loads, process piping racks, electrical services, conveyors, robotics and mini-environments.

-A variety of clips to support, brace or suspend your choice of wall systems. Hard or soft wall partitions can be erected and rearranged as often as required without marring, drilling or otherwise damaging your grid investment.

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