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Packaging Research Center
Location: Atlanta, GA

Classification: Class 10,000 cleanrooms

UG-1 Proves to be the Most Economical

When Georgia Tech solicited bids for a free-standing 6,000 sf cleanroom, the UG-1 Structural Ceiling System was the low cost solution.

Georgia Tech's stringent design requirements attracted the best cleanroom packagers in the industry to propose solutions to match their criteria. The project was to be built in a high bay area which did not allow suspension from the structure above. All HVAC, electrical, exhaust and process piping were to be brought into the cleanroom through the ceiling plane. All maintenance, upgrades and retro fits were to be done by tradesmen working from the top of the ceiling system. The UG-1 Structural Ceiling System met all the criteria.

Air was supplied through fan filter units. The ceiling panels installed with the UG-1 clamping system provide a leak-free and secure platform from which to work.

If you have a requirement for a free-standing cleanroom, look to UG-1 for the low cost solution.

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