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IBM Microelectronics
Locations: East Fishkill, NY; Burlington, VT; Manassas, VA

Classifications: Class 10 to 1,000

Installation Size: Over 250,000 s/f

IBM has recognized the benefits of the UG-1 tee-slot. Over a dozen accessory clips are available to hang or support components from the grid without ever penetrating or marring it. Clips can be placed anywhere along the grid allowing services to be brought wherever needed in the cleanroom.
The flexibility to hang heavy loads from the ceiling frees up floor space and keeps the 2" moveable partitions, moveable. IBM uses UG-1 to support more than the lights, blanks and filters.

The list includes:

-Process Piping
-Robotic Tracks
-Security Cameras
-Partition head tracks
-Access Panels
-Cable Trays
-Exhaust Ducts
-Diffusion Membrane
-Sliding Door Units
-Task Lighting

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