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"Our Engineers have designed a suite of products that works with the designs and systems of other leading vendors.

Our patented systems, including UG-Lite bring value to the Advanced Technology industry."



Adapted from its' more rugged parent design, UG-Lite, is an extremely strong and flexible ceiling grid system. The main feature of UG-Lite is its design flexibility and easy field installation. User's of this system, typically have a need for a heavy duty ceiling grid, but do not need to install the heavier, and more rugged load bearing capacity of UG-1 Ceiling system.

UG-Lite is a 2" tee ceiling system that is rod hung and leveled with turnbuckles for plenty of strength to support your ULPA or HEPA filters, lights and blank panels. Standard finish is anodized aluminum to eliminate the scratches commonly seen on painted ceiling systems.

UG-Lite is also lighter in cost of installation, thereby saving customers money on a product that meets the flexible and structural needs of a custom project.

Like, UG-1, UG-Lite uses the same flexible hardware accessories, clips, and holddowns. This provides a unique ability to interchange parts and accessories.

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